Thailand experiences Dutch Magic Realism

Magic realism refers to the art of bringing the magic and the supernatural to the mundane setting. This style of writing was adapted by many Dutch writers in the 1930’s and it dominated the Dutch art scene.

Realism Expos

Scheringa museum of Realist Art located in the Netherlands organises expositions and exhibitions on regular basis which allows lovers of contemporary art as well as magic realism art to come enjoy and feel the art.


Scheringa Expo in Bangkok, Thailand

Scheringa museum brings the “Thailand experiences Dutch Magic Realism” exhibition to Bangkok, Thailand. It has so far been coined as the Exhibition of Exhibitions by some and others refer to it as The Mother of All Exhibitions. This will be a chance for the great people of Thailand to get in touch with their realist sides as they experience the Dutch Magic realism.

The exhibition is slated for later this year in the month of September, on 6th. The exhibition of exhibitions will be held at The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Nothing better than holding the biggest expo, in the biggest exhibition centre in town! It is a plus since BITEC is also one of the sponsors of the event. They would not want to be left out of the Dutch Thai experience.

In exhibition will be numerous art pieces from world renowned magic realist artists including Wim SchuhmacherPyke Koch, Raoul Hynckes and Dick Ket. In addition to the Magic realism, there will be showcases of photography, design and fashion. You would not want to miss out on this life time opportunity.

Our Financial Partners

For their preoccupation of art and the culture of Thai people, the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and MoneyOnlineThai business magazine, in collaboration with Scheringa museum bring this rare art right to your doorstep. In accordance to its motion of being your financial partner and trusted friend, it has teamed up with Scheringa to ensure that you have the experience of your lifetime.

Standard Chartered Bank of Thailand has also not been left behind in the quest to bring Magic realism to Bangkok and the greater Thailand. Being one of the sponsors of the exposition it seeks to integrate your financial needs and your love for Dutch magic realism art. Not only does Standard Chattered seek to be Your Partner in finance, but also in the beautiful entity that is Dutch Magic Realism.

Therefore, with this rare opportunity that has come to Bangkok, all Thai art lovers should mark the dates on their calendars, and come experience art on a whole different dimension. No one should be left out of this awesome to be exposition.

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